Real Estate

Investing in the future of Knoxville and surrounding areas.

Realtors, contractors, lenders, property managers.

We invest in all types of multi-family and single-family properties in the Knoxville area with the intent to revive.

Utilizing sophisticated proprietary toolsets, ingenuity and a streamlined process we are able to obtain substantial leverage for investment opportunity in Knoxville. If you are intersted in learning more about what we do and how you can invest, you are welcome to connect.


We purchase multi-family real estate in all shapes and sizes. We prefer properties we can add value to. In need of a major rehab? No problem.

Single Family

We purchase single family real estate in all shapes and sizes. We prefer properties we can add value to. In need of a major repair? That is our specialty.


We are interested in working with realtors who specialize in partnering with investors and contractors.


We are interested in resourceful contractors or subcontractors who specialize in working with investors.

Property Managers

We are only interested in property managers who make investors and tenants best interests their ultimate priority.


We are interested in building relationships with banks or individuals who lend to real estate investors.


Many real estate property groups in cities across the US tear down old homes and businesses but our mission is to restore what was once great to be great again. Not only is it a more efficient use of resources but it also ensures that Knoxville will always feel like home.


Our mission is to preserve the heritage of Knoxville's historical architecture and the communities that exist within. By bringing people with similar values in the real estate community together we can ensure that Knoxville will forever remain the Scruffy City.


We're passionate about Knoxville and want to play a key role in the future and successful transformation of this beautiful city. Buildings are being left vacant and our mission is to transform many of theses empty buildings into affordable housing.

Knoxville Properties Group

We are technologists and investors that have built a way to diversify our revenue streams through real estate portfolios. We utilize proprietary technology that gives us a competitive edge in this ever expanding market.

In addition to generating alternative revenue streams it is our core mission to ensure that we take care of the communities we live in.

Singly Family and Multi Family

Home is where the heart is. We are residential and commercial investors who invest in all types of non-retail dwellings.

Ethics and Values

We believe strongly in doing deals that have mutual benefits for all parties involved. We opt into sustainable and environmentally friendly practices whenever possible.


With the ability to yield 11% on annual return investing with us is a secure way to diversify your portfolio and minimize downside.

Location, Location, Location

We are interested in working with real estate partners in Knoxville and surrounding areas. We are interested in all homes in all shapes and sizes.

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